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Recently, after a few big purchases from Make Up Geek to build up my kit I've been getting into doing different eye looks and experimenting with different colours and styles.

Yesterday, I came up with a really beautiful look inspired by this picture of the sunset over the ocean. I loved the blue, purple and pink colours and thought it'd look stunning on the eyes. Keep reading to find out what eyeshadows I used to achieve the look.

My look is currently on the front page of the Make Up Geek website but you can also see it here.

To start the look off I used a neutral toned primer to help the shadows stick to the eye and prevent fading and creasing. I used the MAC paintpot in the shade Soft Ochre, as it was very similar to my models skin tone.

To set the paintpot I dusted Make Up Geek (MUG) Peach Smoothie all over the lid then lightly applied MUG Beaches and Cream throughout the crease to act as a transition shade. This step helps the colours blend together and makes sure there's not harsh edges between the colours and between the browbone.

I then packed on the main lid colour which was MUG Pegasus all over the lid stopping just below the crease. I made sure this was completely opaque before I then used MUG Masquerade on the outer corner of the lid blending it into pegasus. I kept going in with both pegasus and masquerade to make sure they were both blended into one another. 

Once I was happy with my lid colours I mixed together MUG Wisteria and MUG Simply Marlena, I applied simply marlena first to the crease then mixed the two coloured together and used them in the crease this was so Simply Marlena would act as a base colour and would come through from underneath not Beaches and Cream.

After this step I added more of Pegasus and Masquerade to the lid to make sure they were still opaque and hadn't been washed out during the blending. To finish the look off I took Pegasus and applied it to the lower lashline then applied masqurade again blending the colours together about half way along the lower lashline. Then add your favourite mascara I used Too Faced Better Than Sex and an optional step is eyeliner, I think a white liner in the lashline would look lovely! 

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