Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water // Review

Primers are one of my favourite make up products to try mainly because make up on me just does not last it'll have faded or disappeared within just a couple of hours if I don't wear a primer so for me, this step in my make up routine is an essential.
One primer that kept popping up on different blogs, on people's youtube videos and pretty much everywhere was the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. I ended up ignoring the hype of this product for a few months mainly because I had only ever heard of sprays to set your make up not to use as a primer so I was confused as to how a spray more inparticularly how a water which is how it's marketed would help to keep my make up on.

Several months later after continuously hearing good things about it I decided to give in and off I went to boots picking up the last one in stock - it was clearly meant to be!

The packaging of the product is simple, a clear plastic bottle, black plastic lid/spray and black writing. I'm glad smashbox chose to have a clear bottle so you can easily see how much of the product you have left and when you may need to consider repurchasing a back up if you would like too. My only flaw to this is that I feel as if it could spray out a little more gently to get a more even spray as it is a little harsh. If it sprayed out more like MAC Fix+ the packaging would be pretty near perfect.

Now onto how I feel about the product. I decided to give this the ultimate test and wear it to work where no make up what so ever stays on. I work at Mcdonald's which as you can imagine is quite an intense job when it comes to constantly being busy and hot especially if you're put on fries where you'll get hot in seconds and make up will just sweat off. 

I sprayed this on with about 4 sprays making sure my whole face was sufficiently primed and then applied my everyday face make up, EsteƩ Lauder Double Wear and Cover FX Blotting Powder. I had a 6 hour shift and came home and was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror and saw that my make up looked exactly like it did when I left for work in the morning. I have worn the same face make up minus the primer since and have come home to looking like I've got no make up on.

Everything looked like it did after application, my foundation was still flawless, my contour, highlight and blush was still there, it just looked like I have only applied my make up about 10 minutes ago and hadn't been stood at work for 6 hours.

The smashbox primer water is silicone, alcohol and oil free. It's made to create a sheer and light canvas for make up application, I love that it's a spray as it helps to leave the skin feeling refreshed and awake. It does have a slight fragrance which may lead to irritation with sensitive skin but I'd recommend going to a smashbox counter and trying it out first before buying. As well as a primer it can be used to set your make up or as a refreshing spray throughout the day.
This is definitely one of the best primers I have tried, it keeps my make up on all day and helps give my skin a radiance and I just really love it. It's definitely worth trying out! 
Price- £20.00
Where - Boots
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