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Hi everyone!!

I know I haven't been the most active on my blog and have been lacking greatly in blog posts for a while but I've been really busy at the moment with work and getting back into college.

I will try and get back into blogging soon once I already have a few bits I want to share with you and posts planned especially since my favourite season is coming up, Autumn, I've expressed a few times how it's my favourite season for make up etc.

This is just a quick post asking you to go onto facebook and please like my facebook page and maybe give it a share to your friends. My facebook page is where I'll be posting my make up/hair and body art creations from both college and my freelance work. It'll include 'normal' everyday make up all the way to face paint and special effects which you will be able to see if you have a look.

It'll mean a lot to me if you could give it a quick like and share to your friends to help spread the word!
Thank you!! 
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