Level 2 Hair and Media Make Up - Completed

So do you remember back in September of 2014 where I promised to write up on my college course every month and ended up just doing 3 months before I disappeared of the face of blogging? 

Well I've now completed my college course and I've had so many questions asking how I got on and my opinion and thoughts on the course and if I would recommend it. So this post is going to be all about my course. 

I started my course back in September with no other professional training in hair and make up, anything I knew previously I had taught myself. When I first started my course I was nervous because I had never done anything dramatic and I had no idea what I would have done if I went into college and they asked me to do a full body art. I never thought myself of an artistic nor a creative person however through my year in college these parts of me have come out drastically.

The course started off very basic learning how to facepaint things such as tigers, bats, flowers, learning how to blowdry the hair and do basic pin up styles and then being taught about each piece of make up and the anatomy of the body such as skin, face shapes, bones and muscles. 

As the course progressed we began to learn different techniques, expanded our knowledges and our creativity. We'd be pushed to try new things and think out side the box. Our simple tiger face paint turned into the grinch using prosthetics, our blow drys turned into colouring the hair and our learning about each piece of make up turned into freestyling and coming up with day/evening/occasion make up.

This continued to progess and towards the end of the course we were doing full body art, making hair extensions and creating a make up look on a theme such as 'mythical'.

As well as make up and hair we were also taught basics which will come useful when being a make up artist such as giving facials, eyebrow shaping, eyebrow/lash tinting, spray tanning all of which I enjoyed and have gone into being able to do out of college for freelance jobs.

One of the main things I've learnt about myself because of my course is I like to be creative and think out of the box. I like to do things which is different and not expected. For example, one of our themes was 'Valentines Day' which is you think of a Valentines Day make up look you may think a very pretty date night look however with me, I thought of the negative parts of Valentines Day and heartbreak and incorporated tears made out of blood. 

If becoming a make up artist is something you want to do then definitely consider studying Level 2 Hair and Media make up as you are taught everything you need to know, it's really fun and I definitely feel that my skills have expanded greatly since September.

Hopefully all being well I have passed and can return to college in September to continue onto Level 3 which concentrates more on the media make up and theatrical sides of things.
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