MAC Cool Neutrals 15x Eyeshadow Palette // Review

When it comes down to make up, eyes are my favourite part to play around with since you can create so many different looks and also use the eyeshadow in different ways to enhance the colour of your eyes or make the shape of the eyes appear different. There's definitely a lot more versatility when it comes to eye make up then anything else.

As you probably know I love MAC and it's hands down my favourite brand of make up, for a while now I've been building up my own MAC eyeshadow palette however when I was browsing the internet I stumbled across their already filled eyeshadows in Warm Neutral and Cool Neutral and I couldn't help but add them both to my basket. 

I have already reviewed the Warm Neutral palette which you can read here but today's post is on the Cool Neutral Palette.
The palette comes in the usual MAC Palettes which you can purchase to build your own palette the only difference between these and building your own palette is that you can not remove the eyeshadows from this as they're permanently fixed into the palette which I know some people have complained about but it honestly doesn't bother me.

One of my favourite things about the palette is that it comes in a range of finishes, so you can use different shadows for different purposes and get different effects from the different finishes.

The shades are described as -
Flounce: Chalky White Pink (Matte Finish)
Sweet Allure: Soft Light Pink (Satin Finish)
Sun Tweaked: Soft Frosty Coral (Frost Finish)
After Dusk: Mid-Tone Rosy Pink With Pearl (Veluxe Pearl Finish)
Blackberry: Muted Burgundy-Plum Brown (Matte Finish)

Pick Me Up: Pale Ivory (Matte Finish)
Cozy Grey: Cool Grey (Matte Finish)
Crushed Olive: Dirty Gold Olive (Frost Finish)
Deception: Chocolate Gold (Frost Finish)
Brun: Muted Blackish Brown (Satin Finish)

Silver Fog: White With Silver Pearl (Lustre Finish)
French Clay: White Grey Frost (Frost Finish)
Cumulus: Dirty Grey Charcoal (Frost Finish)
Pearled Earth: Deep Blue-Grey (Veluxe Pearl Finish)
Black Tied: Black With Silver Sparkle (Velvet Finish)
All the shades are very pigmented and apply like a dream, they are easy to pack onto the lid or easy to blend which makes it so easy to pair colours together and create a new looke each day. The shadows have minimal fall out and I've experienced no problems at all with them.

This is hands down my favourite eye shadow palette I own and when it comes to neutral palettes I own a lot. I love the shades as they are a different tone and shade then what comes in most neutral palettes.

The Cool Neutrals Palette is a little on the more expensive shade to most palettes already on the market but I think it's worth it considering you get 15 shades which to buy a pan of eyeshadow from MAC would be £10 therefore to buy 15 would be £150 and then the palette itself to buy would be £16.50 so £166.50 if you were to build the palette yourself when this is selling for £65.00 so you are essentially saving just over £100.

The Cool Neturals Palette is definitely worth it if you love playing around with eyeshadow, want to get into wearing eyeshadow and it's a must have for any make up artists. I'm obsessed with it!

Price - £65
Where - MAC Cosmetics
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