My 2015 bucketlist...

I hate new years resolutions, I don't think I have ever managed to stick to a resolution I make because I either don't have the motivation or I just forget and don't bother with it.
I was thinking recently of what my 2015 resolutions could be and the things I came up with weren't exactly resolutions they were more of things I want to do or achieved over the next year and I quickly ended up coming up with a bucketlist. 

I prefer the idea of a 2015 bucketlist as it's less serious than a resolution and it's more of something I can achieve then something to change or do and it also means throughout the year I can come back to this post and cross out things I have achieved, so this is my 2015 bucketlist...

Pass practical driving test
Get a car
Pass Level 2 Hair and Media Make Up
Start Level 3 Hair and Media Make Up
Go to New York
Become confident with my body
Drop 2 dress sizes
Become fitter
Get a job
Create a blogging schedule/stick to it

Let's see how I get on...
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