MAC Warm Neutrals 15x Eyeshadow Palette // Review

When it comes down to make up, eyes are my favourite part to play around with since you can create so many different looks and also use the eyeshadow in different ways to enhance the colour of your eyes or make the shape of the eyes appear different. There's definitely a lot more versatility when it comes to eye make up then anything else.

As you probably know I love MAC and it's hands down my favourite brand of make up, for a while now I've been building up my own MAC eyeshadow palette however when I was browsing the internet I stumbled across their already filled eyeshadows in Warm Neutral and Cool Neutral and I couldn't help but add them both to my basket. 

I will be reviewing the Cool Neutral palette in the near future but today's post is on the Warm Neutral palette.

The Best Of 2014 // Favourites

Now that we're into 2015, it's time to look back and reflect on 2014 or in the eyes on make up addicts it's time to look back and reflect on our favourite products which became our saviours over the past year and we reached for whenever possible and more often than others.

I love these kind of posts because it shows if a product is actually good if it's been your favourite for a whole year because it easy to like something for a few weeks and then completely go off it which is a reason I don't to monthly favourites because I switch my make up so often I don't connect to something for a month long.

However there have been a select few products which I have found during 2014 and completely fallen in love with. All these products I've used almost every day or as much as I could and have become obsessed with.

My 2015 bucketlist...

I hate new years resolutions, I don't think I have ever managed to stick to a resolution I make because I either don't have the motivation or I just forget and don't bother with it.
I was thinking recently of what my 2015 resolutions could be and the things I came up with weren't exactly resolutions they were more of things I want to do or achieved over the next year and I quickly ended up coming up with a bucketlist. 

I prefer the idea of a 2015 bucketlist as it's less serious than a resolution and it's more of something I can achieve then something to change or do and it also means throughout the year I can come back to this post and cross out things I have achieved, so this is my 2015 bucketlist...