My Hair and Media Make Up Course // Month 3

I can't believe it's actually been three month since I started my hair and media make up course at college, it feels so weird and the time has definitely gone by quickly. I've decided to do a post on this each month and then do it in an almost diary layout and hopefully include as much photographs as I can. 
So this is what happened during my third month as a hair and media make up student.

Background Information:
My course consists of 2 and a half days in college, Tuesday afternoons where we do theory work, Thursday where we do media and hair and then friday we do make up. I'm really enjoying that 2 and a half days as it does mean it's a lot more stress free than a 5 day week like school was and it also means I have time during the week to practise what i've learnt but also do other committments such as my blog. Starting in January we will also have a day where we do work placement but I will write more of that when I start it. 

Week 9:

In media - We learnt a new technique of how to do flowers quickly with different colours. I might do a blog post on this if you're interested because it's really easy to do! It's more of a stamping motion than paint and rather than using one colour at a time you put all the colours you want on the paint brush and then stamp, but the look you get is really effective. As you can tell from the picture there was no design really I was going for, I was mainly just practising different colours and ways to create the petals.

In hair - This week in hair we went over shampooing and conditioning and then another time of blow drying. The type of blow drying the hair we did was a finger blow dry using fingers and a diffuser. This was really interesting as it was completely different and it was nice to know how to get voluminous natural looking curls by blow drying!

In make up - As you probably all know, I love my eyebrows so I was happy when I walked into my make up class to find out that we were learning all about eyebrows and how to find the correct shape of eyebrow for your face shape!

Week 10:

In media - We went over the flower technique of the week before but this time but it into an Autumnal theme, so for mine I did a cherry blossom style tree with some of the leaves falling off and then I practised some Autumn coloured leaves - it's not the best but I just wanted to practise the technique.

In hair - We wet set the hair into rollers again and went over the different ways to use rollers. In this lesson we did directional rollers and it ended up taking the whole lesson as their was a fire alarm half way through - which wasn't fun standing outside in the cold.

In make up - I've really been enjoying the make up lessons and I definitely feel like this is the part of my course I feel most comfortable in. In this week we did all about lips, how to identify and correct lip shapes and then what tones of lip colour shades should be used on each skin one.

Week 11 - 

In media - We didn't do any practical this week in media as we were making mood boards for our upcoming competition for a Christmas/Winter themed face paint.

In hair - This time we did something different instead of doing a step to step hairstyle we were told to use all the techniques we've learnt so far and do an updo. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos but I did a verticle roll with curls coming out of it.

In Make Up - We did an evening look and were told to just do make up with that in mind. I did a dark silver/black smokey eye with natural looking flawless skin and light pink lips.

Week 12 - 

In media - In media we practised our chosen design for the Christmas/Winter themed competition and I ended up going for The Grinch

In hair - We practised our hair for our design and since mine is just sprayed green and backcombed slightly I was used as a model for my friend to practise her style on me so I had a nice relaxing afternoon having my hair done!

In Make Up - we learnt about make up to suit mature skin types, what to avoid and what sort of products are best used. We then applied the make up to each other as if we had mature skin.

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