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Glamour magazine have recently teamed up with Latest in Beauty to create a beauty box filled with full sized and mini sizes of beauty products that are the best of 2014.
Even though this particular box is now no longer availiable Glamour have made another box with Latest In Beauty called the Glamour Party Beauty Edit which is their biggest box yet full of beauty products perfect for the party season.

I was really impressed when opening the box on the brands of products that were in, every single brand I recognised even though some products I had not yet tried before so it still meant I could try new products from brands I recognised before.

Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Make Up Remover Wipes
This is my favourite product from the box, I've had eye make up remover wipes before and they've been rubbish but these have been amazing and better than most eye make up removers I have tried before. The wipes easily remove all kinds of make up including stubborn make up like eyeliner and mascara so easily. They don't leave your eyes feeling greasy, they actually leave the eye area feeling quite nourished as the wipes contain olive oil. I've already used up the wipes and definitely intend on buying another pack soon.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara
I have absolutely become in love with this mascara and I've used it everyday since I got the box a few weeks ago. The wand is quite big with short bristles which means you can really control the application of mascara, the large wand also means it coats every lash. This mascara is brilliant for curling the lashes, adding volume and separating the lashes giving the look of long, full, fluttery lashes, I've been loving it!

Nude Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick
Although the colour looks pretty black in the bullet on the photo the actual lipstick is a very dark muted berry with an almost brown tone. I've never really tried Maybelline lipsticks however I found this to apply beautifully, it was really creamy and lasted on the lips for a fairly long time. I feel like this tone of colour will look beautifully on those with darker skin tones.

James Reed Sleep Mask Tan
I haven't yet tried this since I don't like self tanning around this time of year but I will definitely be trying it out more towards Spring/Summer. It is simply a self tan that you apply at night time on your face so you wake up with a subtle tanned complexion. It also has a hydrating formula to moisturise the skin.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence
This is a leave in conditioner which you spray in wet hair, I've been doing this before blow drying and I find that it leaves my hair feeling a lot softer with more shine but also helping control frizz which at this time of the year is always around. It also smells really good!!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish
I was so happy when I saw this in the box, my favourite cleanser is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and what's better than a mini size perfect for travelling! This cleanser is the most amazing cleanser for removing make up and dirt from the face but also leaving your skin looking and feeling amazing! It's also not harsh so you can use it to remove eye make up and it also does that incredibly well.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 
This is another I was really happy about seeing, I've had this primer in the past and it's remained one of my favourite so I was really happy to have this as it reminded me of my love for the product. It's very lightweight on the skin but helps your foundation and make up stick to the face better meaning it stays on for a longer time. I find whenever I wear this my make up stays on all day without fading or smudging.

I've been really impressed with the glamour beauty box and will definitely be looking into trying the new party box for the price £16.99 when the products inside are worth over £88 together it's a complete bargain! 
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