MakeUp Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Collection // Review

One of my favourite things about this time of year, besides my Birthday and Christmas is definitely the new releases that come out in stores for Christmas and all the new gift sets.

I recently popped into Superdrug a few weeks ago to get a new eyeliner and whilst I was in their I did have a quick peek at their Christmas gifts and one thing that caught my eye was the MakeUp Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Collection. As many of you may know judging by the amount of posts I've done on the brand MakeUp Revolution is my favourite drugstore brand and I adore their eye shadows so when I saw this I just had to get it! 


The eye shadows comes encased in a very large palette which isn't practical for taking out the house so it's definitely one to just keep at home and not take our for touch ups (unless of course you have a huge handbag) but that doesn't bother me because when I bought it I knew I couldn't transport this easily.

I have to admit the packaging does come across a little cheap, it doesn't feel the most sturdy but then again for the price (£20 currently £10) and the amount of eye shadows you get for the price that doesn't really bother me much either.

Altogether there are 144 eye shadows and the variety of shades is outstanding. As you can see you have very neutral shades, to more deeper smokey shades, to pastel shades all the way to neon colours. 

As well as the variety of colours the finishes also range from shimmery, pearl and matte. I particularly love that there's a few different matte brown tones because they make great crease colours for different skin tones. 

Like all make up revolution eye shadows I have up to date tried, these have impressed me yet again. Most of them apply like a dream, even the matte shadows, most of them feel really smooth, buttery and are extremely pigmented so you're not forever having to keep adding and adding more product to your brush. I have also noticed that you don't get much fall out with these eye shadows even with the darker shades, I recently did a smokey eye with silver/black and even though I did the eye make up prior to my face make up I was very surprised with how little fall out.

Now, I do have to mention although most of the shadows are fabulous some do lack in the pigmentation side of things, these tend to be the more brighter and vibrant colours especially the neon shades on the bottom row, these have extremely poor pigmentation and I found it really difficult to work with these especially all over the lid. I found it best to use these in the inner corner or lashline just to add a very slight colour otherwise the colour payoff wasn't enough for an effective eye make up look.

As a training make up artist I have found these shadows to be so handy when doing different eye make up looks on different people but I've also found it great when doing special effects make up, I recently did a zombie look on someone for Halloween and found some of the colours in these blended really well to create that. So it just goes to show how great the selection of shades is to create different looks.

I've been reaching for this palette everyday recently, I particularly love the neutral shades as there are different tones of each shade, warm, cool and neutral. The quality of most of the shadows are something I'd expect from a high end brand, they blend seamlessly into the lid and just look amazing on.

I would really recommend this palette, especially with it being half price currently at Superdrug, at it's offer price of £10 it'd be silly not to pick it up!

Price - £20 (Currently £10 at Superdrug)
Where - Superdrug

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