He-Shi Fusion Multi Bronze (Bronzer)

During the hotter months, I ramble on and on about wanting to be tanned and the amount of fake tan I buy is incredible during this time. I don't use fake tan on my face as I feel like (knowing my luck) it'll be patchy and well I just don't want to risk it so to make my ghost like face look like my sunkissed body I liked to use a bronzer. 

To go with the He-Shi Gradual Tanner which I adore and is my all time favourite gradual fake tan as of yet, I have the He-Shi Fusion Multi Bronze.

Bronzer is one of my go to products around the Summer time, I don't use it all over my face as it will make my face matte just like a powder would do, so I just apply this bronzer to where I would natural tan more in the sun, such as my nose, the tops of my cheekbones, my temples and hairline. I find applying like this is a lot more natural looking and I'm all about keeping my make up looking natural.

I really like the colour it gives to the faces it's got a natural 'brown/bronzed' colour that isn't too orange but not too dark. I like the shimmer in it too, it's not too shimmer that it glitters but it's not matte, it just has a slight shimmer  which highlights your face and enhances the tanned colour. 

It applies beautifully, I find some bronzers can be quite patchy but this just applies really smoothly!

With this, I was sent the He-Shi Bronzing Brush which I personally wouldn't recommend as it's not that soft but I mean it works however for the price I feel like you could pick up a cheaper but better bronzer. 

Overall the bronzer is the perfect bronzer for summer time to give that sunkissed healthy bronzed glow!

Price - £16.50
Where - He-Shi



  1. Never heard of this brand before. Looks like it has a nice tone. Yes, bronzer is my go-to for the summer as well. I even use it on my legs :O)

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Their tanning products are lovely! I've never tried it on my legs, thank you for the tip!



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