So I was just sat here and I realised I never did a complete overall review of the kerastraight keratin treatment! So I'll do one now! I actually had mine last July I think there are reviews and first thoughts on my blog! And I got my natural hair back around September! It lasted quite long and it was really good having it in summer where hair usually frizzes from the heat & sweat or anything like that. Is it worth it's money? £180? It's worth it's money if your hair is really curly/frizzy and you can't control it, then yes it's worth it's money, if your hair is just wavy or straight then no I don't think so. It is meant to help damaged hair I don't think it did really, I just straightened it. I would have the treatment done again but only in summer where I have my hair down alot more! Also the shampoo & conditioner isnt necessary i used it around 4 times its horrible & its stinks really bad!
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Beth xoxo