Perfume Collection - PART 1

Hi everyone so today, is my perfume collection! I actually have never bought myself a perfume! I always receive perfumes as a gift, for Christmas..birthdays! I cant actually believe ive never bought my self a perfume, mind you theres that many perfumes I love I’d buy to many! So my perfume collections are going to be split into 2 halves, perfumes and body sprays.

So lets get straight into it!

 Someday By Justin Bieber
This is my go to perfume, I use it nearly everyday! I absolutely love it! It smells so feminine and fresh! Its fruity/floral which I absolutely love and I also like how when the scent fades you are left with a slight musky vanilla scent! I love this perfume so much!

 Juicy Couture
Again this is fruity/floral! Ive almost ran out which im gutted about because its such a stunning scent! Whenever I wear it I get compliments. It can be over powering if you spray to much, but I just make sure I don’t. It just smells amazing!

 Escada Ocean Lounge
This is the 2009 scent from Escada.. its probably my least favourite perfume, that’s why I still have it! It is a very over powering sicky, sweet fruity scent.. I don’t like this because its too fruity for my liking. I don’t use it on my body, but I do sometimes spray it in my wardrobe and around my room to make my room & clothes smell nice!

 Paco Rabanne Black XS (for her)
Again this is such a nice scent. Ive just ran out of this. It’s a fruity/floral but to me its more on the musky floraly side! It smells so fresh on your skin, and although its fruity its not a ‘teenage’ scent and even though its florally its not an ‘old’ scent!

 DKNY be delicious & Red Delicious (minis)
Now this is the most amazing, fresh, prettiest scent ever! I absolutely love this perfume, got to be my favourite perfume ever, I have to ration myself when I use it because I don’t want to use it up! They smell so fruity but a fresh fruity! Its delicious!! Im definitely going to get the full sized soon!

 Juicy Couture – Couture Couture (mini)
I need the full sized to this!!! Its such a beautiful floral scent which smells really feminine and pretty! I always feel really fresh when wearing this! I love how its mini because I can just throw it in my bag! Its sooo nice!

 Versus Red Jeans
This is a nice floral scent, but more on the young teenage scent! Its quite strong so you don’t need loads on! It does feel very nice & clean, which I like and its not to over powering when you walk past someone!

Lipsy rollerballs
These don’t have a name but they’re from a lipsy perfume gift set I got at Christmas. They all smell very nice a fruity and florally!  (there are 3, but my other is in my bag)

This isn’t a perfume, its actually a refill which you put perfume in and then you can take it out, so I have my Justin bieber perfume in it at the moments, its just easier and more practical then walking around with a big 100ml bottle!

Where to buy –

Someday by Justin bieber -  The Perfume Shop , Boots , Superdrug
Juicy Couture - The Perfume Shop , Boots , Superdrug
Escada ocean Lounge - No Longer Availiable
Paco Rabanne Black XS - The Perfume Shop , Boots , Boots
DKNY Be Delicious (green) - The Perfume Shop , Boots , Superdrug
DKNY Red Delicious -  The Perfume Shop , Boots ,
Juicy Couture Mini's - (cant find) Usually availiable around Christmas
Versus Red Jeans - The Perfume Shop , Boots , Superdrug
Lipsy - Lipsy
Flo - Boots


So I was just sat here and I realised I never did a complete overall review of the kerastraight keratin treatment! So I'll do one now! I actually had mine last July I think there are reviews and first thoughts on my blog! And I got my natural hair back around September! It lasted quite long and it was really good having it in summer where hair usually frizzes from the heat & sweat or anything like that. Is it worth it's money? £180? It's worth it's money if your hair is really curly/frizzy and you can't control it, then yes it's worth it's money, if your hair is just wavy or straight then no I don't think so. It is meant to help damaged hair I don't think it did really, I just straightened it. I would have the treatment done again but only in summer where I have my hair down alot more! Also the shampoo & conditioner isnt necessary i used it around 4 times its horrible & its stinks really bad!
If you have any questions about the Kerastraight treatment tweet me @bethlovebeauty or comment below

Beth xoxo