Kerastraight updated review!

Over a month ago I have the kerastraight treatment! I stil am very very pleased! It's so much quicker to style and dry! Usually it takes me 30mins to dry my hair but the other night it took me an amazing 7 minutes! Yes 7 minutes!! Very fast! It takes me about 5-10 minutes to straighten usually about 39 again! I still have to straighten it to make it very straight but you don't have too it is straight after washing too! With the kerastraight I bought the shampoo and conditioner but I can't stand the smell of the shampoo so I just use my normal shampoo and it's fine! Still love it!<3


  1. Beth, glad you like the treatment! My problem is not the shampoo, its the product, (KeraStraight) that stinks!!! Its over three weeks and now I'm trying different shampoos to take the product out of my hair because it stinks so bad! I can't stand it. I think I may have been allergic to it.

    1. Mine did smell for a few weeks, especially when wet, but after a few weeks it died down. Sorry to hear you might be allergic to it, maybe you could contact the salon and see if that is normal?
      Beth x


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