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So today i had the Kerstraight treatment done to my hair. I have quite curly hair which frizzes up quite easily. i Straighten it everyday and i was kind of getting fed up because straightening alot can start to ruin you hair so me and my mum decided to have the kerastraight treatment. It is pricey (£160 i think) but it lasts upto 4 months so personally i think its worth it.
I got to the hairdressers at 9:15am and came out at 1:00pm so it took quite long but would have took longer (ill explain later) so this is how it works..
1. you have your hair washed and i think its with Kerastraight pre-treatment shampoo you then rinse and repeat and you leave it on for 10 minutes, the rinse.
2. Once its rinse you then have it blow dried, because of the thickness of my hair i had 2 people blow drying it so it would be alot quicker process.
3. then the long bit. The treatment is put onto your hair in small sections, i used 2 bottles of the treatment because my hair is very thick. (it took quite a while this) the treatment smelt quite banana-ish.
4. Leave the treatment for about 15-20 minutes.
5.Blow Dry your hair with the treatment in. This leaves your hair feeling disgusting very very very sticky and horrible. I was sat there and was like EW! But.....
6. Your hair will be straightened which was the longest part because they get a section of hair about 1cm thick and straighten that 7-10 times. So it must have took about 30 minutes maybe longer to do all my hair.
7. Then its washed and then styled how ever you like it!

Im so happy with my result as my hair is soooo silky smooth and shiny, and its very very straight! The downside to it, is that when youve had your hair dyed before hand like a couple of weeks the colour can change. My mums had had hers dyed like a dark brown/red and it turned light red/orange so she has to dye it again and in the hairdressers a woman had hers like dark blonde and it turned yellow.
So yeah im so happy!

Product 10/10
Price- 9/10
Overall 10/10

questions in the comments please
Beth xoxoxoxoxo