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Beth's Berry Smoothie

Recently I have gotten really into making smoothies especially in the morning as part of my breakfast. I find it very easy to just forget to have my 5 a day so I needed a new way to imput more fruit and healthy food into my diet in a way where I'll enjoy it and obviously remember.

My favourite way to do this is by smoothies because they're really tasty and you can mix it up everyday and use a different mix of fruits or even vegetables to create your favourite smoothie. I decided to share with you one of my favourites which is full off berrys and this is the one I've been making more on a regular basis.

Pedikur Herbal Cream // Review & GIVEAWAY

Hands and feet are one of the places on the body which get neglected when it comes to moisturizing, especially in the colder months which we're now entering it's important we keep them moisturized as they can easily become dry and chapped.

One product in particular I've been liking for this purpose is the Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream.

Benefit Gimme Brow // Review

If you know me you will know my eyebrows are like my children and I'm obsessed with making sure they're perfectly filled in all day and looking on point making sure the eyebrow game is strong. I constantly get asked what I use to fill my eyebrows in and  it's my HD Brows palette with this little beauty from Benefit. 

I only got the Gimme Brow a few weeks ago but since I have no idea how I managed without it. It is the most perfect gel to set the brows and also add volume and definition.

MAC Pigment Blue Brown // Review

I've never really been a fan of loose eye shadows and pigments at all, back in the day when Barry M was the make up brand to try (meaning when I was around 13) I experimented with some of their dazzle dusts and whether it was just because I was shockingly bad at applying make up or whether the dazzle dusts just weren't that good, all I remember was huge amounts of fall out and the loose eyeshadow being everywhere and since I've never really tried loose eye shadows and I've avoided them at all costs.

Well, until now, when I was in MAC a month or so ago I decided to just look at the pigments whilst I was looking at their regular eye shadows and one colour in particular stood out to me called 'Blue Brown' (that name must of taken a long time to think of).