Sunday, 20 April 2014

~ Clarins Opalescence Spring Make Up Collection ~

Every season, I look forward to Clarins' new releases because every season they bring out an amazing collection which never fails to disappoint. This Spring, Clarins have once again released a brilliant collection named the Opalescence Collection and luckily I have got a few products from the collection to share with you and tell you how I feel about them. 

I adore the Clarins Face & Blush Powder compacts because I find them to be so versatile due to the different variety of shades within the compact as you can see in the picture towards the right is a darker brown/bronzer shade so you can concentrate the brush around this area for a contour powder. There are also some spots of darker rose shades which you can concentrate the brush on for a darker blush or my favourite way of using this is to just sweep my brush all over it and use it as a blush because the three colours together create a really beautiful natural look. My only disappointment is on the golden area, the glitter comes off after the first application and I think it'd be really nice if that area was constantly shimmery so you could use that to highlight. Nevertheless it's still a beautiful product. 

Like the face powders, I also love clarins eyeshadows and this palette is no exception. The palette comes with four colours, a pale frosty pink, an intense plum, a grey and a really beautiful pearly white which is glittery. These shadows can be used both wet and dry, when used wet they are more vibrant and the glittery shade goes on a lot easier and intense. The palette also comes with two applicators, a rounded sponge edge and a pointed sponge edge to help with applying the shadows - I never really use these but I find the sponges work really well with the white glitter shade. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented whether used wet or dry and I love the colours as they're very versatile and you can create many different looks with the shades for example you can use just the pink and white for a very pretty look or use the darker shades to create something more smokey and sultry.

I've never really been a lip gloss kind of girl but recently I've found myself reaching to lip gloss instead of lipstick and more in particularly this certain lip gloss because at the moment I've been all about simple lips with a more dramatic eye and you can't get more simple then a clear lip gloss. The packaging is beautiful and I love the applicator as it is more flat whereas a lot of lip glosses is either a brush or a rounded sponge. I find the applicator makes application really easy. The lip gloss it's self goes on beautifully and the fact that it is clear makes the lips have a beautiful shine which you can have quite subtle or layer up for a dramatic gloss on the lips. I love that fact that it isn't too sticky as that is one of my biggest pet peeves with lip gloss. It looks really pretty on and I can't wait to try some lip glosses with a colour tint to it.

This was the first time I tried this version of Clarins lipsticks as before I had only ever had the 'Rouge Prodige lipsticks'. In the past the clarins lipsticks I've had have been quite dull and natural colours so I was happy to get this which is a bright coral shimmery shade. I really like the formula of this lipstick as the finish is very glossy and shiny therefore I find it very hydrating and moisturizing on the lips. I adore this colour as it's fairly bright but it can also be toned down by not using as much product and blending it into the lips and I love doing that then applying the lipgloss mentioned earlier in this post. Although the name of this lipstick is 'sheer' I wouldn't particularly call it a sheer lip stick as it is still quite pigmented when applied from the bullet onto the lips but this doesn't bother me as I probably wouldn't like it as much if it was sheer. I love this product, it looks beautiful and lasts fairly long before you need a touch up.

I love cream blush in the Spring/Summer as they give more of a glow then a powder blush and they're so much more natural looking as well as them lasting longer on the cheeks. This shade is a lot different to the usual colours I tend to choose as this is a more muted rose whereas I'm no stranger to the brighter pinks and peaches so this is a nice difference and I actually like it as it's a lot more natural and toned down so if you're having a more dramatic eye or lip this looks great with it as it doesn't make you look overdone. The blush is very easy to apply and gives the cheeks a beautiful glow as it has a sheen once it's set onto the cheeks which I love.

I have quite mild dry skin around some areas of my face so on those areas my skin needs a bit of a pick me up to keep it looking bright and healthy. I love a good primer or something I can put on before my foundation just to make my foundation last that little longer and go on smoother so it looks better on. This has been my one of my go to primers/bases recently as I find that it does give a really beautiful radiance to the skin doing exactly what it's meant to do boosting my complexion making my skin appear brighter and more glowing. This comes in three shades and I have rose which is meant for fair skin - even though I would probably be champagne which is for fair-medium skin I really love the colour of this one. You can also use this over your foundation as a highlight which I love as highlighter is one of my key make up items.

Overall, I adore the Clarins Spring Make Up Collection, I think the products are definitely worth trying out and the colours are really beautiful and pretty.

Clarins can be purchased online at the Clarins Website or counters be found in your local boots or department stores such as John Lewis and Debenhams.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

~ Clynol Tame Keratin Sleek Blow-drying Balm ~ is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions hair care and beauty products.

I have long and thick hair which is bleached on the ends and my hair, due to the bleach, is quite dry and damaged and when I blow dry my hair it tends to get quite frizzy and hard to manage unless I then straighten it to somewhat tame the frizz.

I recently got the Clynol Tame Keratin Sleek Blow Drying Balm from Hairtrade which like it says is a blow drying balm - meant to be used on wet hair before you blow dry. Before drying I apply about 2p amount of the balm to my hair and if necessary more and just massage it all into my hair concentrating on the length and the roots as the area with the bleach and the more damage into it which gets frizzy.

The first thing I noticed when I used this is how much smoother it makes my hair when I blow dry it, it makes it a lot easier to dry with the hair dryer and the brush as it makes the hair more sleek. I also can tell a huge difference after I blow dry it as usually it is quite frizzy and hard to control but when I use this the frizz decreases and it is so much easier to then style whether I use straighteners, curlers or nothing else at all. It also leaves my hair feeling really soft and healthy, and it also leaves it smelling really clean and fresh.

Before I used this I would always straighten my hair after blow drying to help manage the frizz but since using this I can easily leave it natural because there is no frizz and it's more sleek and straight. 

I really love this product and I would recommend it to those who need the added bit of sleekness to their hair after drying it.

PRICE - £7.95
WHERE - Hairtrade