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The Halloween Tag

I like doing tags and I haven't done one in quite a while, so whilst today is Halloween I figured why not do the Halloween Tag.

Pretty appropriate for today, hey!

Clarins Ombre Matte Eye Shadows

With each new season comes along a new collection from Clarins, from this new collection I have a few of the new products of which I will share with you soon. 

The first product which is my favourite from the collection is their 'Ombre Matte' Eyeshadows.

All About Eye Shapes

I recently wrote a blog post entitled 'All About Face Shapes' where I described each facial shape and how to contour suited to that specific shape. 

I thought as I have also recently learnt about eyeshapes I would write about each eyeshape and how to use eyeshadows and shades to suit that particular eyeshape.

Suprisingly there are many different eye shapes and although it may be tricky to decide which eye shape you have, once you know it'll make a huge difference to the end result of your eye make up.

Day To Night Dresses With George at ASDA

George at ASDA is never somewhere I would think of to go when shopping for clothes, as a teenager I tend to go to other highstreet shops which are more popular within my age category however I recently had a look at dresses from George and I realised that it is actually somewhere I should start going too when looking at clothes as they do have some nice pieces.

One of my favourites from them are their dresses as they are very versatile can be worn in the daytime or night time and will look great one women of all ages.

For this post I have picked one of my favourite dresses from George and styled it for both the day and night because especially at this time of year when Christmas parties are starting it's handy to have a dress that you can wear during the day but quickly change it into a night time outfit for when you're in a rush.

All About Face Shapes

Make up application will vary on different shapes of your features whether it's on your eye shape or even lip shape however one big thing which will affect how you should contour/highlight is your face shape.

In this post I will explain to you all the different face shapes, how to tell which face shape you have and where to contour/highlight for that specific face shape. 

Surprisingly there are many different face shapes and although it is quite tricky to decide which face shape you have as many people may end up falling between two shapes once you know it can make a huge difference to the end result of your make up.

Battle of the Beauty Advent Calenders // Step Into Christmas

Welcome to my first instalment of my Step into Christmas series on my blog, last year I did a Step into Autumn so I figured this time we'll get festive and prepare for the holidays.

As soon as the advent calenders pop up in tesco you instantly know Christmas is just around the corner, but you also know it means the beauty advent calenders will be out. Beauty advent calenders are the must have treat for anyone who is in love with beauty and it's obvious why. Just like your average chocolate advent calender behind every door there is a beauty treat, sounds like heaven to me.

When the beauty advent calenders started there weren't many on the market but now there pretty much everywhere you turn and making the choice of which advent calender you want is nearly as overwhelming as having to choose which chocolate advent calender you want, so let's have a look at some of this years beauty advent calenders on the market.