Thursday, 10 April 2014

~ Clynol Tame Keratin Sleek Blow-drying Balm ~ is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair extensions hair care and beauty products.

I have long and thick hair which is bleached on the ends and my hair, due to the bleach, is quite dry and damaged and when I blow dry my hair it tends to get quite frizzy and hard to manage unless I then straighten it to somewhat tame the frizz.

I recently got the Clynol Tame Keratin Sleek Blow Drying Balm from Hairtrade which like it says is a blow drying balm - meant to be used on wet hair before you blow dry. Before drying I apply about 2p amount of the balm to my hair and if necessary more and just massage it all into my hair concentrating on the length and the roots as the area with the bleach and the more damage into it which gets frizzy.

The first thing I noticed when I used this is how much smoother it makes my hair when I blow dry it, it makes it a lot easier to dry with the hair dryer and the brush as it makes the hair more sleek. I also can tell a huge difference after I blow dry it as usually it is quite frizzy and hard to control but when I use this the frizz decreases and it is so much easier to then style whether I use straighteners, curlers or nothing else at all. It also leaves my hair feeling really soft and healthy, and it also leaves it smelling really clean and fresh.

Before I used this I would always straighten my hair after blow drying to help manage the frizz but since using this I can easily leave it natural because there is no frizz and it's more sleek and straight. 

I really love this product and I would recommend it to those who need the added bit of sleekness to their hair after drying it.

PRICE - £7.95
WHERE - Hairtrade


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

~ Beautiful Brows ~

It's no secret that bold brows are one of the biggest trends at the moment and have been for a while now and honestly I don't see it going for a while nor do I want it to go. Bold eyebrows are seen everywhere and came about from the likes of Cara Delevingne. I love eyebrows and they are the one thing I make sure I do before I leave the house even if I am leaving with nothing else on, I will still make sure my eyebrows are filled in just because I find that it really frames the face and completes any make up look.

I am obsessed with my eyebrows and I'm constantly trying out new products to help me achieve the best look I can possibly go for. Recently I have tried out the eyebrow kit from Beautiful Brows and it has become a staple in my make up routine.

The kit comes packaged beautifully in a simple white and black cardboard box, then the kit itself comes all encased in a white and black plastic container which inside has a large mirror making it good for on the go and travelling. Inside the container, there is two holders for your eyebrow powder and highlighter powder which can be removed. There is also an area for the brushes and tweezers which come with the kit and another area for the stencils which you also receive. I really like the fact that the powders are removable from the kit as I find the whole thing quite bulky and wouldn't want to put it in my bag when I am going out but I will happily remove the highlighter and eyebrow powder and take that out with me.

L-R Rounded side duo applicator brush, Slanted side duo applicator brush, highlight brush, tweezers

The kit comes with three brushes and one set of tweezers. One brush is duo ended and has a slanted edge brush and a rounded edge brush and alone this is £15. The website for this says 'use the softer tip to apply just the right amount of powder and the slanted tip to brush over your eyebrows ensuring precision definition' however I use it the opposite way and prefer it that way, I use the slanted edge first to apply the powder throughout the brow then afterwards if necessary I use the rounded edge brush to gently go over any areas and almost blend it in to soften it and make the brows look more natural. 

The highlighter brush alone is £13, and I find this the perfect size to apply the highlighter powder to the brow bone to add emphasise and help to further define the brows.

You can't get good brows without making sure they are groomed properly. I prefer plucking my eyebrows so I was glad there was a good quality set of tweezers in this set which alone would be £13. The tweezers are incredibly easy to use and have a slanted edge so it's really easy to grab those unwanted hairs.

The two powders of which you receive in the kit are the eyebrow powder and a highlighter powder.

The eyebrow powder comes in 5 different shades - 
Slate - Blonde to Fair hair
Light Brown - Fair to Medium hair
Dark Brown - Medium to Dark hair
Chocolate - Dark hair
Black - Black hair

I am in the shade dark brown and I find that a perfect match for me, I have very dark brown hair and I find this works well with very dark hair. The eyebrow powder would cost you £15 and I really love it. It's very pigmented so you don't need a lot and it makes it a lot easier to apply and get a good brow as you don't need to apply lots and have to keep going over it.

The highlighter again would be £15 and it is a rose shade, which I usually would go for a more golden tone but I actually have been reaching to this a lot more recently as I find the pink tone in it makes it look a lot more natural. I love the fact that the highlighter isn't extremely glittery, it just has a slight shimmer which catches the light adding a natural glowing look.

Also, in the kit you get 3 stencils in bold, natural and sleek. These would be £12, and hold it up to your eyebrow and fill it in and then pluck the remaining hair to get the shape you want. I personally don't use these as it's hard to determine which shape suits you and sometimes people suit low arches and some high etc however they are nice to have in just in case.

As you can see it gives a strong colour whilst the highlight stays looking very subtle until the light hits it. 

I really adore this kit and I think it's a must have for people who love filling in their eyebrows. If you were to buy everything singular it would be £83 so at the price of £38 for the kit I think it's a great deal and well worth it!

Price - £38
Where - Beautiful Brows